Monday, August 16, 2010

It's official, my baby's growing up

For years now I've wanted to start a blog. I've NEEDED to start a blog. Mostly because the instant I became a mom, my abilitly to remember anything (anything!) went right out the window. Already, there are so many lost stories of Lacey's babyhood. *Sigh* Oh well. I recently vowed that I would do it. I'd start my blog and keep it up. Better late than never right? But I needed an event, something big to get me started (I couldn't just start it up on any random ol' Monday, that would be silly!). So, I picked today, August 16th, 2010, the day my baby started kindergarten. My "baby" is almost 5 years old now. Just 3 1/2 weeks to go. How time does fly....
Last night I went through Lacey's clothes and laid out a bunch of outfits all over her floor. I called her in and had her pick which one was going to be perfect for her first day of school. She picked an outfit with a skirt of course, as she is definitely my girly-girl. :) I tried to fluff the skirt and t-shirt in the dryer to make them more presentable as first day of school attire, but the wrinkles only got worse. So, in unprecedented fashion, I actually pulled out the ironing board and went to work on them (even the tshirt!). Lacey's school is just down the street from our house, an easy 5 minute walk. I helped Lacey get her backpack (with nothing but a teddy bear in it) onto her shoulders and popped Sabrina into the stoller and we set off. On the way I said "Eeeek! I'm so excited! Aren't you excited Lacey?" She replied with "Yeah Mom, but don't get too excited, cause you'll freak out." Ha! She knows me. Lacey's teacher (Mrs. Raymond) met us at the front door with a warm welcome and a nametag. She told us to go find Lacey's cubby and then make ourselves at home. The classroom was so busy and "fun"-looking, we didn't know what to look at first. So much to do! Puzzles, and playdoh, and pictures - Oh My! Lacey picked the playdoh table so I parked Sabrina nearby and watched. Once everyone had filed in, Mrs. Raymond asked all the kids to come join her on the mat at the front of the room. She read them a story about the first day of school as us parents looked on. Then she had the kids wave goodbye as another teacher marched them out the door to check out their playground. Mrs. Raymond talked with us parents a bit and asked if we had questions and then very politely shooed us out the door. It was all fine and dandy except that I didn't really get to say goodbye. All I got was a wave, when what I really needed was a hug. A big one. Plus, I sorta felt like I was sneaking out when Lacey's back was turned. That's the kind of thing that really freaks Lacey out, so it's not something I'm used to doing. Oh well, I know why they do it. I know they are trying to avoid the tears and the scenes. Probably a good thing...I guess. I'm sure Lacey will be fine. She'll be so busy she probably won't even realize I left. And I did make it all the way off the campus before the tears came, so I have that to be proud of. Speaking of tears, I'm blubbering again right now. You'd think the girl was never coming back - sheesh! In fact, I've only got a couple hours to go. At 11:30 sharp Sabrina and I will be in the line of parents waiting patiently for our Lacey to come running. I won't cry, but I will definitely give her a hug, a REALLY big one...maybe lots of them. :)

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  1. I can't believe she's in kindergarten already!! Oh how time flies.