Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthdays and Boy-craziness

Last weekend we celebrated Sabrina's second birthday. I made a special breakfast (cinnamon rolls & bacon - Ha!) that Brina would be sure to eat, blew up a bunch of balloons that I scattered about the room, and had a couple presents (from us and Lacey) for her to open. The balloons of course (of course!!) were a hit...the rest was just details. By that evening though, when we had some people over for pizza, she had definitely figured out the whole "present" thing. She was tearing through those bags like a tornado. I could hardly keep up with the cards and tissue flying everywhere. :) The best part was the last present which was a (super cute!) collection of clothing from Gymboree. She hadn't opened any clothes yet, just toys. She was in such a frenzy that she ripped the cardboard box open then started chucking the clothes out over her shoulder...shoes, socks, leggings, shirt, sweater...and so on. She chucked everything until she came to the bottom and found tissue paper. She chucked that too. Then she looked around the room like, " What's the deal? Where's my present?". It was both fabulous and a little embarrassing all at the same time. Of course, the present giver (her Nonna) was laughing as hard as I was.
Since we weren't doing anything big for Brina's birthday, just dinner(s) with family and a couple friends, I had decided I'd make a special cake just for her. Sabrina LOVES Dora the Explorer, so I knew I had to do something along those lines. Earlier that day, I found a recipe/template online for a Boots cake (Dora's best buddy), and I went for it. Two hours and a LOT of frosting later, it was complete. And, needless to say, I was rather proud of myself. It actually tasted good too (thank you Betty Crocker)! The next day we went to the Farm and repeated the whole thing, except this time we had burgers & dogs instead of pizza, and I made SURE to save a toy for the last gift. :) All in all, it was a good birthday. Now, I just need to regroup and start getting ready for Lacey's big #5.....
Speaking of my oldest, I'm happy to report that Kindergarten is going very well. She's excited to get up and go each day and has yet to complain. Phew! The latest development though, is her new crush...yes, that's right, after one week of school she's already got a favorite boy. His name is Ashton and he's VERY tall (and pretty cute too if you ask me). Lacey is above average for her height, but this little boy is a whole head taller than she is. Poor guy. Anyway, she came home on Monday, just raving about this boy and about how "handsome" he is and how he looked at her, but then didn't talk to her, and how she wants to play with him, but is too scared to ask....and so on, and so on. She mentioned his name at least 50 times that evening. She even showed me "the look" she gave him, which consisted of looking over her shoulder and batting her eyes. Don't think I'm kidding either, she actually demonstrated it for me. Big *sigh*. The apple DEFINITELY did not fall far from the tree. And of course, I'm the tree. :)
One more thing before I get back to what I'm supposed to be doing...I always like to share the funny things that come out of Lacey's, and eventually Sabrina's, mouths (it helps me remember them!). A couple days ago Lacey was out in the garage playing with our cat Sebastian. She had been going in and out with all kinds of things and then she came and got me because she really wanted me to see what she'd been up to. When I went out, I found poor Sebastian all dressed up in doll clothes and laying in the stroller. Lacey's words to me were "Look Mom! I dressed Bastian up in my doll's clothes and I didn't even break his leg or anything!" Ha! Poor guy, he's so good to her. He actually didn't even look like he minded the outfit all that much. :)

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  1. This is hillarious!!!! I loved reading about Lacey and school and Brina and her party!!! I can't wait to see these girls and give them a huge hug!!!! xoxox